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Taqueria Guadalajara – Excelsior

I was doing a bit of grocery shopping in the Excelsior, when I realized I was buying a lot of food I didn’t really need. This was due to my mistake of grocery shopping on an empty stomach. NEVER shop for groceries on an empty stomach!

Now there are a lot of different taquerias on Mission Street. This one was close by and seemed like a good way to quell my hunger. My friend had told me that he had been to this particular establishment before and that they had some really good fruit salsa.  I ordered a super burrito asada con todo (steak super burrito with everything) and a water to wash it all down. I wasn’t really thinking straight when I ordered everything on my burrito, because I’m really not a big fan of sour cream. But, it didn’t ruin the burrito for me. We sit down, they bring us our food and complementary chips. The burrito was great. Yes, it did have a lot of sour cream, which isn’t particularly to my liking, but I figured I could simply put some of this famous fruit salsa on it and everything would be A-OK. My so-called “friend” told me to try some peach salsa that he had found. I soon after realized that it wasn’t peach at all, but rather the ever-spicy habañero!

I love spicy food, so this wasn’t actually a bad thing at all. Although, I’ll definitely have to get back at my friend for trying to dupe me into burning my mouth. All and all it was a great stop. If you like a little bit of spicy flavor, check out Taqueria Guadalajara!

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One response to “Taqueria Guadalajara

  1. Chef Randall

    February 25, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Love it. The pictures are great. But the first thing I thought was “Were is the place?” Just seeing the image of the burrito made me want to rush over. I love Mexican food. Even Guadalajara is great!! I lived in Mexico 5 years.

    But than in your review you put a link to the direction of the restaurant.

    I just bought a plane ticket and made a car reservation at the SF airport!! (I live in Idaho) Seriously, great reviews you do here. I need to let my sister know about this. She lives in the Bay area.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Chef Randall


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