Taco’s Sandwiches


I was downtown getting my hair cut the other day and I was in the mood for something fast. I decided to go to Taco’s Sandwiches *NOW CLOSED*, which isn’t exactly located in the best part of town, but I don’t mind. I walked in, not quite knowing what to expect. I decided to ask the guy working there what he recommended (He turned out to be the owner, Taco!). He told me that I should try out the Pulled Pork Adobo as it was one of their best selling sandwiches. I added a drink for around 74 cents more and ended up with quite a meal. While I was waiting for my food I figured out the man working the register was none other than Taco himself. He was very kind and took notice to my skateboard that I had with me . I ended up letting his daughter try to ride it. Then some crazy guy from off the street walks in and asks how much for some tacos. I guess they must get this a lot, but Taco kindly told him that they didn’t sell tacos, only delicious delicious sandwiches. He was correct, and at that moment I sat down with my juice squeeze, and started to devour my pulled pork sandwich along with a hearty serving of fries.
image_2Needless to say, it was well worth the cash. I would definitely come back here again, because it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had. However, I would definitely ask for extra sauce next time. I’ve got no clue what it’s comprised of, but it was definitely what brought the greasy wich together.

As I was about to leave, some other guy sat down at the table in front of mine to tell Taco how he had met some lady director in the restaurant. He told Taco that he was going to start coming back regularly. If you don’t mind walking past a couple of crack fiends, Taco’s sandwiches WOULD have been worth checking out. I guess poor Taco couldn’t get enough customers and eventually had to close shop.


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