Tacos El Primo

Tacos El Primo was the closest place I could find, while waiting for the president of sf flea He was (allegedly) working on his boat for a good chunk of time, so I decided to heed my cravings and check out what was good nearby.

I really wanted some chicken and waffles, but the closest restaurant was a little over a mile away. I wanted something quicker, so I settled on Tacos El Primo.

image_1 (1)

They have everything your run of the mill taco truck might. My asada burrito¬†was good, but not great, it could have used more vegetables (they included some in my to-go paper bag, but it just wasn’t enough). They did include some bomb salsa along with some tortilla chips. All of this was only five dollars




I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here again, but if I ever go back to the SF shop and I’m too lazy to walk two miles to chicken and waffles, I might very well find myself back at Tacos El Primo.


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