Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen is your stereotypical San Francisco sushi place. The prices are middle of the road, the fish caught yesterday, and the servers slightly crazed. My party and I walked in and got situated. A couple of people ordered beer and for some reason the server thought it was one of our birthdays. We all told him repeatedly that it wasn’t any of our birthdays. The server was slightly odd and when we ordered shortly after he kept putting his hand on my friend’s shoulder at the end of the table. My friend was a little weirded out by it, but everyone else was fairly amused. image_1
    I ordered some Hamachi Maki (left ~$4.00) and an Alaska Roll (right ~$5.00). I was starving at the time, so ate one of the rolls before I took this picture. Overall, I thought the rolls were worth the price. Factor in the comic relief that came free with the food and it was overall a good deal. I’ll definitely come back here again when I’m next on Taraval.


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