Sunrise Deli & Cafe


Sunrise Deli & Cafe – Outer Sunset

is a quaint little hole in the wall in the Outer Sunset boasting in 3 different SF locations in San Francisco. The one I visited yesterday was at Irving and 22nd. I can totally understand why SF needs 3 of these. They make everything right in front of you, fresh as can be! I ordered from their menu, a Lamb Shawarma as well as half a dozen Falafels.

Now, I don’t eat Middle Eastern cuisine all that often, so I don’t claim to be an expert by any means. However, these were the best Falafels I have ever had. They also had some Chili-esque sauce on the table that went perfectly with them. Half a dozen Falafels (which they say are the best in town) were around $3.50, which I found to be a pretty great deal for someone as hungry as I was. Then there was the Lamb Shawarma which was around $7. It was very good, but it definitely needed some spicing up. I returned once again to the chiles I had dunked my falafel in earlier. Albeit a little messy, it was another tasty combo from the Sunrise Deli & Cafe!image_2


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