Pluto’s Fresh Food is all about having wholesome and fresh food. They could utilize a restaurant style of service, but instead opt for their own fast-food hybrid service. Pluto’s is a chain, with eight different locations around California. They serve up an assortment of American-style fresh foods. I really liked that they were so focused on the “fresh” aspect in their establishment. I had no clue what was good to order so I asked a buddy I was with. I was recommended to get the tri-tip sandwich, with which I had no objections. I ordered the tri-tip sandwich, everything on it, and a bowl of Saturn Potato Rings (with garlic of course). On the right is Pluto’s signature menu >>image_1 (1)
¬† ¬†Their curly fries were especially good and fairly cheap coming in at about $2.20. They even offered fresh bread for only fifty cents. If I’m ever back I’ll have to try some of it, and maybe get another tri-tip sandwich (~6 bucks) without any cheddar! All of the people I was with enjoyed their food, and it was all at a decent price so I can’t knock Pluto’s. If you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth a try!



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