What’s Up Dog!

What’s Up Dog – SoMa

This hotdog joint has 5 separate locations in San Francisco. Recently, they’ve expanded their horizons with their latest establishment in Moscow! Instead of buying a plane ticket and a warm jacket, I had to settle for their location on Beale street.

They’ve got so many dogs, you won’t know which one to choose. Take a look at all those dogs on their menu! Most of their hot dogs are under $5 too! I couldn’t decide. It was pretty cold, so I decided on something spicy. I ended up ordering their Louisiana hotlink.

It might not look like much, but there was a lot of flavor packed in here! I’m not entirely sure what type of bread it was, but it was filling, fancy, and fresh! I admit I did go a little overboard with the toppings, but I have no regrets! I’ll definitely be back again for their signature dog or just to say, “What’s up?”


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Brass Knuckle

Brass Knuckle – SoMa

I was walking around downtown one day, when I noticed a ton of people ducking into an alleyway somewhere around 528 Mission St. San Francisco, CA .

There are usually two to three food trucks parked in this particular alleyway. Pictured above is Tandoori Chicken USA with a burger truck behind it. Sadly, I didn’t get to check out since I was running a little late. The truck I decided to grab a bite from before work, was non other than, Brass Knuckle. Their website states that they’ve even been featured on The Food Network! I don’t subscribe to TV anymore, but I figured that it was a good sign that this place was good!

I decided I was going to ask someone in line (hopefully a regular costumer) what I should order. I had done this before at Sushrrito, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the results. I figured if I actually asked for a recommendation, it might go a bit better. So I explained to some random guy that I had never been to this food truck before and that I wanted to get his opinion on what to order. He told me that one of their best items was the “Fryin’ Maiden”. It was at the top of their menu, so I figured this guy must know what he’s talking about.

   I got my food fairly quickly considering there were around 10-15 people waiting in line at the Brass Knuckle food truck. I decided to find some shade and eat my sandwich in peace since there really wasn’t any place to do so in the alley.  I opened up the box to find what looked like Coleslaw on top of some friend chicken.

It may be hard to make out, but the sandwich I got is at the top of the menu to the left. It’s described as having Buttermilk Fried Chicken with apple jalapeno slaw.

I didn’t taste any jalapenos in the sandwich, which would have been nice, because I usually like a little bit of kick to my chicken. The chicken itself was definitely the best part of the sandwich. It seemed as if it had been shredded and then fried. It was far from dry and even had some sort of awesome rub on it.  The apple was apparent, but it was counteracted by the presence of far too much mayo. Luckily, the truck had bottles of sriracha, which I used liberally.

I’m not sure if the chicken sandwich was the best choice, but it was decent. I saw someone order the “Occupy SF Fries” and they looked amazing. I can’t say that I blame the guy who recommended the chicken sandwich to me. It just sounded a little more extravagant than it actually was… *EDIT* I wish it would have looked a little more like Patricia Suh’s fryin’ maiden.

Since this food truck is usually so close to my work place, I’ll definitely have to come back and give another one of their items a try and when I do I’ll update this post!


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Dos Equis – The Most Interesting Food Truck

Dos Equis‘ latest and greatest idea has arrived in the form of… Filipino food?? I got the heads up from a friend of mine that HapaSF had created the menu for this particular food truck. The Most Interesting Food Truck is making its rounds across San Francisco, offering free and interesting food to any old schmuck that’s willing to try their ‘interesting’ food. 

I was a little nervous about their menu. They had Duck Egg Itlog na Maalat, Chicken Feet Adidas Atchara and Pig’s Head Sisig. I decided to only get 2 items off their menu, the chicken foot, and the Pig’s Head Sisig. There were a couple of people waiting in line to order, but I certainly didn’t mind taking a couple of minutes to chat with the traditional Filipino dancers.



It was only few minutes before I was gifted with the Sisig and my lucky chicken’s foot. I wasn’t entirely sure how to tackle the chicken foot, so I asked one of the kind ladies who was working there.

She instructed me to start from the top of the foot and then to spit out all the little bits of bone. The first bite I took, I got a ton of tiny bones and very little meat. It was quite a bit of work to actually get at any of the meat. The small amount that I could get to was good though.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, nevertheless it took a little getting used to.  In addition to being one of the most difficult bites I’ve found thus far in San Francisco, there was a pigeon that kept following me around. He was obviously planning out some sort of revenge. He must’ve thought that I was gnawing on one of his brethren. All in all, it was good, but I don’t know when the next time I’ll eat a chicken’s foot might be. Also, not so surprisingly, it did in fact taste like chicken.

I didn’t get to try the duck egg, because it looked pretty mundane and I didn’t want to seem like a pig by taking all three dishes! Now if they had some Balut, I definitely would’ve tried it!


The Pig’s Head Sisig seemed like something you might find at a taqueria. It was served with rice and lime, which was a nice touch, but it made me want to wrap it in a burrito. I really enjoyed the Pig’s Head and I’m not even entirely sure which part of the head it was!

If the Dos Equis food truck is ever in your town, you should stop by for a minute or two. Even if The Most Interesting Man isn’t there, you’ll be sure to find some most interesting eats!


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Sushiritto – SoMa & Financial District

has been a busy place ever since it opened. This is partly due to the restaurant’s small size and short open hours. However, it’s mostly, because of the great food! It’s so small that they’ve usually got a line winding outside of their small establishment onto the sidewalk. They’re only open Mon-Fri 11AM – 3PM! I’d usually rather go out for dinner rather than lunch, but Sushiritto gave me no choice.

I got to Sushiritto a little after noon. I had no idea what to get, so I decided I would simply order whatever the person in front of me was ordering.

It was a little hectic in there to say the least. I suppose it was everyone’s lunch hour at the time, but Sushirrito did a good job at keeping the line moving in a somewhat orderly fashion. When I was finally able to see their menu, I considered ordering the Salmon Samba. But, I decided to keep my word and just order whatever the guy in front of me was ordering.

The guy in front of me ended up ordering the Porkivore, which didn’t even seem to have any fish in it. I love me some good roasted pork, so I didn’t mind this fellow’s order. I got my food about 5 minutes after I had ordered and I took it outside since there really isn’t any in-house seating available. It was a beautiful day and the burrito itself was just as full of beauty.

The Porkivore was pretty damn greasy though. The tasty kind of greasy, probably some sort of oil, but I couldn’t put my finger on what type. The burrito could have benefited with a bit more cilantro, but then again..  I like an oddly large amount of cilantro on my foods.

Soon after I finished with my burrito, I was back at work and I told my coworkers of my experience. It appears that another one of my coworkers had been to Sushiritto and ended up ordering the chicken roll at one point (not pictured on the menu above). He said the chicken roll had also been pretty greasy…

I’m determined to go back and visit Sushiritto again. Judging by the way my last burrito went, it will certainly be delicious. But, I have to order another roll with fish in it to find out if it’s just as oily as the meat. I’ll update this post next time I visit!



I made it back to Sushirrito two days ago and was finally able to try out the Salmon Samba. It turns out that the Salmon Samba was indeed oily, but not nearly as oily as the Porkivore had been. Maybe the oil is to make sure that the roll isn’t dry, but I feel like it’s a tad unnecessary.

I definitely preferred the salmon to the pork roll. I would like to go back and try their other items on the menu. Sushirrito is probably not something you should be eating everyday, but for a quick lunch it’s a good bet and a delicious one at that. This is what makes the establishment so successful with the white collared crowd on their lunch breaks in SOMA. If you have’t already, go check out Sushirrito for yourself!

Sushirrito on Urbanspoon


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Taqueria Guadalajara

Taqueria Guadalajara – Excelsior

I was doing a bit of grocery shopping in the Excelsior, when I realized I was buying a lot of food I didn’t really need. This was due to my mistake of grocery shopping on an empty stomach. NEVER shop for groceries on an empty stomach!

Now there are a lot of different taquerias on Mission Street. This one was close by and seemed like a good way to quell my hunger. My friend had told me that he had been to this particular establishment before and that they had some really good fruit salsa.  I ordered a super burrito asada con todo (steak super burrito with everything) and a water to wash it all down. I wasn’t really thinking straight when I ordered everything on my burrito, because I’m really not a big fan of sour cream. But, it didn’t ruin the burrito for me. We sit down, they bring us our food and complementary chips. The burrito was great. Yes, it did have a lot of sour cream, which isn’t particularly to my liking, but I figured I could simply put some of this famous fruit salsa on it and everything would be A-OK. My so-called “friend” told me to try some peach salsa that he had found. I soon after realized that it wasn’t peach at all, but rather the ever-spicy habañero!

I love spicy food, so this wasn’t actually a bad thing at all. Although, I’ll definitely have to get back at my friend for trying to dupe me into burning my mouth. All and all it was a great stop. If you like a little bit of spicy flavor, check out Taqueria Guadalajara!

Taqueria Guadalajara on Urbanspoon


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Dinosaurs #2

Dinosaurs #2 – Sunset

I’m not 100% sure if the first Dinosaurs died out or if this is simply its offspring. This one is located on Ocean Avenue between 19th Ave and Junipero Serra Blvd.

My Vietnamese friend wanted to try this place out, because he had heard good things about the restaurant Dinosaurs. This place is really tiny and is housed in a
small shack. I was tempted to ask what the rent was on the place, but I figured they wouldn’t know.

I ordered the sandwich special of the day, which contained three different types of pork, carrots, jalapenos, cilantro, and a little onion.

It was only $5 and I have to say it was worth every penny. All the ingredients super-fresh and delectable. I was especially impressed with how fresh the bread was. It’s the staple of any sandwich, but it’s too often an afterthought.

Overall the food was great, the price awesome, and the service impeccable. I was offered water and Sriracha, twice at no extra charge. My buddy got the same sandwich and equally enjoyed it as much as I did. I will definitely be coming back here again for a cheap yet scrumptious sandwich.


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Ki – SoMa

Located at 540 Howard St. They’ve got pretty decent yelp reviews, which helped persuade my buddy who wasn’t sure if he wanted sushi. Me? I’m always in the mood for raw fish! So, when we walked in to grab a bite, we had no idea how nice the place was.

The indirect lighting of the bar, the weird fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and numerous types of artwork adorning the wall all made for a surreal experience. I thought it was a sure sign that I’d be paying too much for my food! I had to grit my teeth and bear with it, because I was starved.


We were seated after a couple minutes of waiting, which was entirely understandable considering they were hosting some sort of Better Home and Garden event (I would say party, but it was anything but). There weren’t any waiting chairs or stools. They may have all been in the banquet room, but I didn’t mind the absence of seating.

Somehow, I hadn’t noticed that the one menu I received was the black sheep. I had gotten stuck with the only menu that didn’t light up. What kind of restaurant has light up menus? It was unnecessary, but still kinda neat.
image_1 (1)

I ordered the Arctic Char Avocado. Everyone else ordered a couple assorted rolls including the How Weird roll. This roll sounds disgusting from the description – Spicy albacore tuna, avocado, beets, and tempura bits topped with scallops, serrano peppers, and a sweet peanut sauce. I didn’t think it would be any good at all, but it turned out that it was my favorite roll!

The time passed quickly partly due to a bottle of sparkling sake, which I had never partaken in before. It was a little sweeter than other sake I have had before. Definitely something to try if you like sake.

Ki had once again ambushed me with something surprisingly tasty. I have to give the restaurant props for doing things a little differently. It was a little pricier than your average roll, but still not nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be. The location is nice, atmosphere awesome, and the food great!


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Sunrise Deli & Cafe


Sunrise Deli & Cafe – Outer Sunset

is a quaint little hole in the wall in the Outer Sunset boasting in 3 different SF locations in San Francisco. The one I visited yesterday was at Irving and 22nd. I can totally understand why SF needs 3 of these. They make everything right in front of you, fresh as can be! I ordered from their menu, a Lamb Shawarma as well as half a dozen Falafels.

Now, I don’t eat Middle Eastern cuisine all that often, so I don’t claim to be an expert by any means. However, these were the best Falafels I have ever had. They also had some Chili-esque sauce on the table that went perfectly with them. Half a dozen Falafels (which they say are the best in town) were around $3.50, which I found to be a pretty great deal for someone as hungry as I was. Then there was the Lamb Shawarma which was around $7. It was very good, but it definitely needed some spicing up. I returned once again to the chiles I had dunked my falafel in earlier. Albeit a little messy, it was another tasty combo from the Sunrise Deli & Cafe!image_2


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Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop

Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop is a chain with 33 different locations around California. I had heard many good things about Mr. Pickles, so after I finished applying for my passport in Daly City, I decided I would skip the usual In & Out Double Double to try something new. I had been walking around all day and I was starved! I ordered without having looked at the menu for more than a minute. I knew almost immediately that the Tony Soprano sandwich was the one for me.


Apparently, their menus slightly vary from location to location, because according to their online menu they only have a sandwich by the name of the Italian Stallion Ham, Salami, pastrami, & dressing. So I’m guessing each location makes up their own sandwich names.
I ordered everything my sandwich, with toasted Dutch Crunch bread and everything on it.
The sandwich tasted just as you might imagine, like a salad bar getting ruthlessly berated by piles of meat for “protection money”. It was awesome. I spent around $8 and watched Judge Judy on the dilapidated television they had there, but the sandwich was entirely worth it.

Mr. Pickle’s walls were adorned with various sports memorabilia along with the faces of many celebrities both living and deceased. It was a good decor to check out while you were waiting for your food. However, I did not wait long for my sandwich, due to there only being one other customer who came in for the entire 20 minutes I was there. I think it was due to the foggy day, because most locals I talked to have something good to say about Mr. Pickles (The postal worker who I was talking with earlier tried to convince me to buy his favorite sandwich). I left Mr. Pickles more than satisfied,  even a little too full to make the trek back to my home (comfortably). The sandwich I got rivals one of my other favorite sandwich joints in SF, Gene’s Liquors. If I’m ever in the vicinity of a Mr. Pickles, I would definitely visit again.


Mr Pickles on Urbanspoon


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Greenhouse Cafe

One lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided that some of my Italian classmates and I should meet-up in a centrally-located cafe. I ended up choosing the Greenhouse Cafe in West Portal. The main reason I chose this cafe out of all the others nearby, was because of the good ratings on yelp. The 20% discount after check-in was also an added bonus.


This cafe is one quick stop before the Muni’s stop in West Portal. This hole in the wall not only has plenty of seating indoors, but also boasts an outdoor patio that I was not able to check out due to the rainy weather.
The menu consists of everything that you would figure your run of the mill cafe might have. However, they also offered specialty drinks like Vietnamese Coffee and homemade Chai. I opted for the Chai this time and got more tea than you normally would at a similar cafe in SF for around $2.50. It was great. The atmosphere was great, plenty of locals chatting about business. The guy working at the time was a little depressed. I tried to give him some words of encouragement, but I think it’s going to take more than just one person to lift his spirits. So if you go to the Greenhouse cafe and the guy working there seems a little down say something nice!
All in all, great cafe and if you’re looking for a meet-up spot near West Portal, ditch Starbucks and come here!


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Pluto’s Fresh Food is all about having wholesome and fresh food. They could utilize a restaurant style of service, but instead opt for their own fast-food hybrid service. Pluto’s is a chain, with eight different locations around California. They serve up an assortment of American-style fresh foods. I really liked that they were so focused on the “fresh” aspect in their establishment. I had no clue what was good to order so I asked a buddy I was with. I was recommended to get the tri-tip sandwich, with which I had no objections. I ordered the tri-tip sandwich, everything on it, and a bowl of Saturn Potato Rings (with garlic of course). On the right is Pluto’s signature menu >>image_1 (1)
   Their curly fries were especially good and fairly cheap coming in at about $2.20. They even offered fresh bread for only fifty cents. If I’m ever back I’ll have to try some of it, and maybe get another tri-tip sandwich (~6 bucks) without any cheddar! All of the people I was with enjoyed their food, and it was all at a decent price so I can’t knock Pluto’s. If you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth a try!



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Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen is your stereotypical San Francisco sushi place. The prices are middle of the road, the fish caught yesterday, and the servers slightly crazed. My party and I walked in and got situated. A couple of people ordered beer and for some reason the server thought it was one of our birthdays. We all told him repeatedly that it wasn’t any of our birthdays. The server was slightly odd and when we ordered shortly after he kept putting his hand on my friend’s shoulder at the end of the table. My friend was a little weirded out by it, but everyone else was fairly amused. image_1
    I ordered some Hamachi Maki (left ~$4.00) and an Alaska Roll (right ~$5.00). I was starving at the time, so ate one of the rolls before I took this picture. Overall, I thought the rolls were worth the price. Factor in the comic relief that came free with the food and it was overall a good deal. I’ll definitely come back here again when I’m next on Taraval.


Kome Sushi Buffet

Kome Sushi Buffet is the first all you can eat sushi restaurant I’ve ever set foot in. ~$12 all you can eat lunch and ~$20 for dinner. The restaurant itself is huge. I went around 5ish and it was already packed. Even though there were a ton of people, we still got great service and never really waited around to be sat, poured more drinks, or for the check! They’ve got any and every kind of sushi imaginable here. I was particularly happy, because I was able to try Salmon eggs (very salty and taste like a mouthful of seawater) as well as geoduck (chewy like mushrooms, but a little tougher with an indescribable taste). Since it was my first time at Kome, I decided to stick with mostly sushi/sashimi. I liked most every roll I got, but I felt like the variety and taste of the deep-fried rolls were a little lacking. The fish seemed to be of decent quality and didn’t seem as if it had been sitting out all long.


There was a wide variety of Chinese food, that I didn’t even have a chance to get to. Fried rice, broccoli beef, egg rolls, & chow mein. You name it, they had it! The one thing my buddy recommended to me from the Chinese section that I couldn’t pass up was the peppered beef. One of the tastiest morsels I had. It consisted of bite-sized pieces of beef that had been lathered with some sort of sauce that worked well with the freshly ground pepper on top. It was a good recommendation.

There were so many foods to try, I simply got too full to try anything else. They had a dessert section with various kinds of ice cream and puddings that I never even saw before walking out. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffet and would definitely come back here again.


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Taco’s Sandwiches


I was downtown getting my hair cut the other day and I was in the mood for something fast. I decided to go to Taco’s Sandwiches *NOW CLOSED*, which isn’t exactly located in the best part of town, but I don’t mind. I walked in, not quite knowing what to expect. I decided to ask the guy working there what he recommended (He turned out to be the owner, Taco!). He told me that I should try out the Pulled Pork Adobo as it was one of their best selling sandwiches. I added a drink for around 74 cents more and ended up with quite a meal. While I was waiting for my food I figured out the man working the register was none other than Taco himself. He was very kind and took notice to my skateboard that I had with me . I ended up letting his daughter try to ride it. Then some crazy guy from off the street walks in and asks how much for some tacos. I guess they must get this a lot, but Taco kindly told him that they didn’t sell tacos, only delicious delicious sandwiches. He was correct, and at that moment I sat down with my juice squeeze, and started to devour my pulled pork sandwich along with a hearty serving of fries.
image_2Needless to say, it was well worth the cash. I would definitely come back here again, because it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had. However, I would definitely ask for extra sauce next time. I’ve got no clue what it’s comprised of, but it was definitely what brought the greasy wich together.

As I was about to leave, some other guy sat down at the table in front of mine to tell Taco how he had met some lady director in the restaurant. He told Taco that he was going to start coming back regularly. If you don’t mind walking past a couple of crack fiends, Taco’s sandwiches WOULD have been worth checking out. I guess poor Taco couldn’t get enough customers and eventually had to close shop.


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Bi-Rite Creamery

image_2Bi-Rite Creamery is supposedly one of the best ice cream shops in San Francisco. They’ve won best of SF Weekly 2009, Best of SF Bay Guardian 2007, and numerous other awards. It’s easy to see why; with their multitude of distinct ice cream flavors. You won’t be finding any of these flavors inside of your local grocery store!

I went with some friends and I ordered a double scoop consisting of the salted caramel as well as the coconut. The salted caramel tasted a bit like burnt caramel and took a little getting used to, but the coconut was awesome. It was delicious on it’s own, but they even added some bits of coconut in the ice cream, which was a nice touch. I tasted a little of some cinnamon ice cream and banana, which were really tasty. Maybe a bit pricey, but this place is delicious and super close to the ever-popular Dolores Park! image_1I’m really sorry that I didn’t get a picture of the ice cream. I couldn’t help but finish it quickly under the hot sun.

*Not pictured is the 10-15 person line that day.