Kome Sushi Buffet

Kome Sushi Buffet is the first all you can eat sushi restaurant I’ve ever set foot in. ~$12 all you can eat lunch and ~$20 for dinner. The restaurant itself is huge. I went around 5ish and it was already packed. Even though there were a ton of people, we still got great service and never really waited around to be sat, poured more drinks, or for the check! They’ve got any and every kind of sushi imaginable here. I was particularly happy, because I was able to try Salmon eggs (very salty and taste like a mouthful of seawater) as well as geoduck (chewy like mushrooms, but a little tougher with an indescribable taste). Since it was my first time at Kome, I decided to stick with mostly sushi/sashimi. I liked most every roll I got, but I felt like the variety and taste of the deep-fried rolls were a little lacking. The fish seemed to be of decent quality and didn’t seem as if it had been sitting out all long.


There was a wide variety of Chinese food, that I didn’t even have a chance to get to. Fried rice, broccoli beef, egg rolls, & chow mein. You name it, they had it! The one thing my buddy recommended to me from the Chinese section that I couldn’t pass up was the peppered beef. One of the tastiest morsels I had. It consisted of bite-sized pieces of beef that had been lathered with some sort of sauce that worked well with the freshly ground pepper on top. It was a good recommendation.

There were so many foods to try, I simply got too full to try anything else. They had a dessert section with various kinds of ice cream and puddings that I never even saw before walking out. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffet and would definitely come back here again.


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