Hall of Flame

Hall of Flame is an awesome little burger joint right next to San Francisco State University. They don’t have a big location, but what they do pack is a big menu. They have a good variety of burgers, all with sports related names. I got myself the Alley-oop and it was delicious to say the least. Of course, I had to get it cooked medium-rare. It was handed to me cooked to perfection with a little red in the middle. The fries were also good, but it’s hard to mess up french fries.

image_1 (1)

This place is perfect for college students. I don’t see it going out of business any time soon. I’ve been here multiple times and I’ve never once been disappointed with my burger. Sometimes if I’m feeling like I need to speed up my acquiring of diabeetus. I’ll order a shake, which are even better than In & Outs!

I have no complaints about Hall of Flame especially since it’s so close to my house, but they could use a little more seating. You should get your order to go if you’re in a group any larger than 5 .


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