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Patxi’s Chicago Pizza – Marina

Arrived starving.

Waited 40 excruciating minutes for a deep dish.

Ordered a few drinks, then appetizers.

And you know what? It was totally worth the wait!

 Patxi’s (pronounced ‘pah-cheese’) boasts four separate locations in SF alone (there’s another 8 more in Colorado). I had thought my co-worker was making a joke when he pronounced it : “Patchy’s”, but the waitress assured us, that’s how it’s pronounced!



I’ve tried a lot of the appetizers here and a couple different pizzas. Of course the main attraction are the deep-dishes. They’re amazing, but require around 40 minutes to cook. If you’re starving beware of the wait. Though you can always order a few appetizers like we did! It should be noted that there are also thin-crust pizzas, which arrive considerably faster.


We ordered a salad (not pictured), which was good, but wasn’t exciting. Though, if you want to blow your socks right off, I would suggest ordering the Artichoke Dip: two cheese, roasted red pepper, jalapeno, and plenty of miniature toasts for dipping. I’ve had it twice now and each time it really hit the spot.

Hats off for the Antipasti served here. I don’t usually splurge for cured meats, but it’s totally worth it.

Finally, the pizza arrives. We ordered the “Favorite”, which consists of Zoe’s pepperoni, fresh sliced mushrooms, and black olives to top it all off. My hunger had been curbed quite a bit by the appetizers, but that didn’t stop me from ravenously devouring every bite of this delicious pie.



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Pasta From My Past


Ti Piacera  –  Nob Hill

This cocky restaurant is named Ti Piacera, an Italian phrase which literally means – You will like! I wanted to put this place to the test, but ultimately I decided to get something I knew I would enjoy. I ordered something simple, yet elegant: Fettuccine con salmone $18. I ended up loving it.

The simple dish was made with fresh ingredients. That’s what really made this plate of pasta stand out from the crowd. I haven’t tried any other dishes here yet, but I think they should rename the restaurant – Amerà (You will love).


brixtonThe Brixton  –  Marina

More pasta from my past, Alfredo spinach tagliatelle & a pint of lagunitas for $22. The Brixton isn’t known for their cheap deals, but my place of work is nearby. It was delicious, but slightly overpriced. Make sure to come go during happy hour M-F 11AM – 7PM. They serve a pretty tasty lunch. I enjoy the Avocado and Chicken Salad Sandwich $13.


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Little Star Pizza

                                                                 Little Star Pizza – Western Addition


Located at 846 Divisadero St. is just one of their three locations. There’s one in NOPA, Mission, and lastly one in Albany across the bay. They serve up everything you’d expect a pizza joint to, from deep dish pizzas and thin crust pies to spicy chicken wings and even Caprese salads.

As the clock struck 2 P.M, I realized I was starved (as usual). So, my colleagues and I decided to grab a bite to eat. Everyone was very indifferent as to what and where we would eat. We made a last minute decision to come here and everyone was pretty happy that we did.

We walked into Little Star Pizza and were immediately seated. We decided to go all out by ordering the spicy chicken wings and a deep dish pizza complete with mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, and anchovies. What a combo! I had stated that I really didn’t mind whatever toppings my workmates wanted to throw on the pizza, but after I heard what was actually going on the pizza I was a little hesitant.


image_3The wings came very quickly while we waited for our Smörgåsbord of a pizza. Earlier, it had been foretold that the wings were superb and thus we had to to try them. And they were cooked perfectly. The meat was practically falling off of each chicken bone, making it a cinch to pick them clean. The wings came with some baby carrots and blue cheese dressing. The blue cheese was the perfect match for the slightly spicy chicken and carrots. The wings really didn’t need it, but it was nice to have nonetheless.


Just before we could even finish our wings, the pizza had arrived. It looked a little unconventional and tasted much the same. Not to say that unconventionality is necessarily a bad thing! Although I was initially hesitant about the anchovies, they were used sparingly and actually added a nice touch to the pie.

The crust was amazing and possibly my favorite part. It was crisped on the outside, but only to such a degree where the inside of the pizza was still insanely fluffy. This worked very well with the heaps of tomato sauce, pepperoni,and mushrooms.

Little Star Pizza is a classy establishment that knows how to fill their niche and do it well. How classy are they? Apart from the modern decor, they were even so classy as to charge a mere 25 cents for the use of their in-house ATM. I don’t know how often you get that price at your local ATM, but 25 cents is unheard in regards to most ATMs in San Francisco (they usually charge a dollar or even two). Overall, it was a great experience. You stay classy Little Star Pizza!


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Won Mi Korean BBQ


Won Mi Korean BBQ – Japantown

Located right next to my previous post Holy Dog at 1545 Fillmore St. I haven’t been to Korean barbecue in quite some time, so I was looking forward to grabbing a bite here. They also have Kpop playing 24/7 apparently. If you like strange Korean pop music videos playing while you eat, this is definitely the place for you.


The restaurant itself was very casual and clean. It was around 2 P.M. and there really wasn’t anyone in the place until we were finishing our meals. We were a party of four who decided to all order the exact same thing off the menu.

It wasn’t that we weren’t feeling adventurous, but the one person who had been there before recommended that we should get the Bi Bim Bab. This dish entails mixed vegetables with beef, rice, and a fried egg, all served on hot stoneware.



The waitress who served us was both polite and helpful.  We were brought a mix of different vegetables right before our meals arrived. Pictured above is some kim chi, zucchini, sprouts, potatoes, some sort of fish, and as for the last small dish on the bottom left I have no idea what that was! Leave me a comment and let me know if you know what it is.

image_3At long last, the food arrived and we were all more than ready for it! It didn’t take long, but I think I speak for everyone involved when I say, we were starved! I threw a little bit of everything into my stone cookware and had at it. The waitress brought a bottle of hot sauce too add some kick to it. I love most spicy sauces, so I gave it a try. It was mildly spicy, but I thought it tasted a little off.

Overall the dish was good. It all tastes the same if you mix it up; try it before and after mixing. It seemed like the perfect food to get if you’re trying to sober up. It just so happens that  Won Mi is open until 4 A.M. so it’s the perfect spot to grab a bit in the wee hours of the morning with your buddies while everyone has a laugh at the Kpop videos.  I ended up paying around $14 for a large portion and I really couldn’t eat another bite after I had finished. The general consensus of the group was that it was a decent meal, but I feel like I could find somewhere better. Until next time!


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image_1Pazzia – SoMa

Everything seemed very authentic – the menu was in both Italian and English and they had a wide array of Italian dishes from Gnocchi Pomodoro to Chicken Marsala. We were even served a bit of roasted bread and given some oil to tide us over before ordering.

I was feeling rather full from a few beers I had been drinking earlier, so I ended up splitting the pizza del giorno with my partner in crime. While the name of the “pizza of the day” eludes me – due in one part alcohol and one part to exhaustion – it was expertly made with fresh prosciutto, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese. The crust was thin and crispy, even cracker-esque. It was a very fundamental pizza, but the simplicity forced you to concentrate on the quality individual components of the pizza – in this case, a very good thing.

The atmosphere was great. There were a lot of people laughing and having a good time. The lighting was dim, but not so dim that you couldn’t see what you were eating. The restaurant was pretty packed around 8PM on a Wednesday night, but we were served very promptly even without reservations. I would definitely come back here just to get try another one of their pizzas! I can’t vouch for any of the other dishes, but Pazzia knows pizza. Ciao image_2

Pazzia Caffe and Trattoria on Urbanspoon


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Sudachi -CLOSED-

Sudachi – Polk Gulchimage_1

My buddy ended up turning 21 last night and he wanted to try out some sake bombs…

Sudachi has beer and sake for a mere $2 on Saturday nights, so it seemed like the perfect place to kick the night off. The restaurant was packed with a young crowd. I can’t say I was surprised, considering it was $2 sake night. Sudachi has specials every night of the week. Monday is All you can drink sake for $10. Tuesday is all you can drink draft beer and Saturday is $2 Sake bombs! 

I believe we came on the right night! There were two projectors and two televisions so that everyone had a line of sight to a screen at all times. This might seem distracting, but it really didn’t detract from the experience. Even though it was extremely busy and there were multiple TVs on, the noise wasn’t bad.

image_2 I wasn’t quite sure what type of sushi I was going to order. I wanted something that I don’t usually have when I go out to sushi. I was also trying to expose another friend of mine to different types of sushi. I ended up deciding on two rolls, the octopus and the sea urchin.

The rest of the gang ordered a myriad of sushi rolls, rice plates, and katsu. We received our food in a very random order. It worked out alright. However, my roommate got a plate of beef katsu just as everyone was finishing so he had to rush to finish it. The general consensus was that everyone enjoyed their food, which was the important part!

At last, my food arrived after 2 sake bombs. I was more than ready to chow down! I started off with the octopus tentacle. It was chewy and seemed fresh. Although I couldn’t tell you what old octopus tastes like; I have to say, it was the best Cephalopod I’ve had in some time.

Next came the sea urchin. To my knowledge, I have not tried sea urchin before this occasion, so I really had no idea what to expect. I thought it might be a little chewy like the octopus. Boy was I wrong! The sea urchin had the texture of…a melted marshmallow. It tasted a little salty and a little fishy. I didn’t mind the taste at all, but the texture was very strange. My friend that tried it with me said she liked it, but I couldn’t tell if she was lying or not! I’d be more than willing to try both rolls again, but I think I’ll start off with the sea urchin next time.

I’m really glad that we celebrated at Sudachi. It was the perfect venue. Great food, good company, and a great sushi bar atmosphere. If you don’t want to knock elbows with a bunch of “kids’, try going here on a day without any specials.


Sudachi on Urbanspoon


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Ki – SoMa

Located at 540 Howard St. They’ve got pretty decent yelp reviews, which helped persuade my buddy who wasn’t sure if he wanted sushi. Me? I’m always in the mood for raw fish! So, when we walked in to grab a bite, we had no idea how nice the place was.

The indirect lighting of the bar, the weird fixtures hanging from the ceiling, and numerous types of artwork adorning the wall all made for a surreal experience. I thought it was a sure sign that I’d be paying too much for my food! I had to grit my teeth and bear with it, because I was starved.


We were seated after a couple minutes of waiting, which was entirely understandable considering they were hosting some sort of Better Home and Garden event (I would say party, but it was anything but). There weren’t any waiting chairs or stools. They may have all been in the banquet room, but I didn’t mind the absence of seating.

Somehow, I hadn’t noticed that the one menu I received was the black sheep. I had gotten stuck with the only menu that didn’t light up. What kind of restaurant has light up menus? It was unnecessary, but still kinda neat.
image_1 (1)

I ordered the Arctic Char Avocado. Everyone else ordered a couple assorted rolls including the How Weird roll. This roll sounds disgusting from the description – Spicy albacore tuna, avocado, beets, and tempura bits topped with scallops, serrano peppers, and a sweet peanut sauce. I didn’t think it would be any good at all, but it turned out that it was my favorite roll!

The time passed quickly partly due to a bottle of sparkling sake, which I had never partaken in before. It was a little sweeter than other sake I have had before. Definitely something to try if you like sake.

Ki had once again ambushed me with something surprisingly tasty. I have to give the restaurant props for doing things a little differently. It was a little pricier than your average roll, but still not nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be. The location is nice, atmosphere awesome, and the food great!


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Sunrise Deli & Cafe


Sunrise Deli & Cafe – Outer Sunset

is a quaint little hole in the wall in the Outer Sunset boasting in 3 different SF locations in San Francisco. The one I visited yesterday was at Irving and 22nd. I can totally understand why SF needs 3 of these. They make everything right in front of you, fresh as can be! I ordered from their menu, a Lamb Shawarma as well as half a dozen Falafels.

Now, I don’t eat Middle Eastern cuisine all that often, so I don’t claim to be an expert by any means. However, these were the best Falafels I have ever had. They also had some Chili-esque sauce on the table that went perfectly with them. Half a dozen Falafels (which they say are the best in town) were around $3.50, which I found to be a pretty great deal for someone as hungry as I was. Then there was the Lamb Shawarma which was around $7. It was very good, but it definitely needed some spicing up. I returned once again to the chiles I had dunked my falafel in earlier. Albeit a little messy, it was another tasty combo from the Sunrise Deli & Cafe!image_2


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Pluto’s Fresh Food is all about having wholesome and fresh food. They could utilize a restaurant style of service, but instead opt for their own fast-food hybrid service. Pluto’s is a chain, with eight different locations around California. They serve up an assortment of American-style fresh foods. I really liked that they were so focused on the “fresh” aspect in their establishment. I had no clue what was good to order so I asked a buddy I was with. I was recommended to get the tri-tip sandwich, with which I had no objections. I ordered the tri-tip sandwich, everything on it, and a bowl of Saturn Potato Rings (with garlic of course). On the right is Pluto’s signature menu >>image_1 (1)
   Their curly fries were especially good and fairly cheap coming in at about $2.20. They even offered fresh bread for only fifty cents. If I’m ever back I’ll have to try some of it, and maybe get another tri-tip sandwich (~6 bucks) without any cheddar! All of the people I was with enjoyed their food, and it was all at a decent price so I can’t knock Pluto’s. If you’re ever in the area it’s definitely worth a try!



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Sushi Zen

Sushi Zen is your stereotypical San Francisco sushi place. The prices are middle of the road, the fish caught yesterday, and the servers slightly crazed. My party and I walked in and got situated. A couple of people ordered beer and for some reason the server thought it was one of our birthdays. We all told him repeatedly that it wasn’t any of our birthdays. The server was slightly odd and when we ordered shortly after he kept putting his hand on my friend’s shoulder at the end of the table. My friend was a little weirded out by it, but everyone else was fairly amused. image_1
    I ordered some Hamachi Maki (left ~$4.00) and an Alaska Roll (right ~$5.00). I was starving at the time, so ate one of the rolls before I took this picture. Overall, I thought the rolls were worth the price. Factor in the comic relief that came free with the food and it was overall a good deal. I’ll definitely come back here again when I’m next on Taraval.


Kome Sushi Buffet

Kome Sushi Buffet is the first all you can eat sushi restaurant I’ve ever set foot in. ~$12 all you can eat lunch and ~$20 for dinner. The restaurant itself is huge. I went around 5ish and it was already packed. Even though there were a ton of people, we still got great service and never really waited around to be sat, poured more drinks, or for the check! They’ve got any and every kind of sushi imaginable here. I was particularly happy, because I was able to try Salmon eggs (very salty and taste like a mouthful of seawater) as well as geoduck (chewy like mushrooms, but a little tougher with an indescribable taste). Since it was my first time at Kome, I decided to stick with mostly sushi/sashimi. I liked most every roll I got, but I felt like the variety and taste of the deep-fried rolls were a little lacking. The fish seemed to be of decent quality and didn’t seem as if it had been sitting out all long.


There was a wide variety of Chinese food, that I didn’t even have a chance to get to. Fried rice, broccoli beef, egg rolls, & chow mein. You name it, they had it! The one thing my buddy recommended to me from the Chinese section that I couldn’t pass up was the peppered beef. One of the tastiest morsels I had. It consisted of bite-sized pieces of beef that had been lathered with some sort of sauce that worked well with the freshly ground pepper on top. It was a good recommendation.

There were so many foods to try, I simply got too full to try anything else. They had a dessert section with various kinds of ice cream and puddings that I never even saw before walking out. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffet and would definitely come back here again.


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Taco Libre

image_2Right next to Hall of Flame is Taco Libre. Very close to San Francisco State and if I’m ever hankering for a burrito, I often come here. I ordered a super burrito con carne asada and I was happy to find that it came with free tortilla chips. The chips weren’t hot, but it’s not a big deal. Their big burritos more than make up for it. They have a couple different varieties of salsa and hot sauce. Taco Libre doesn’t seem like anything special, but it’s one of the best (and only) Mexican restaurants near San Francsco State University. image_1


Hall of Flame

Hall of Flame is an awesome little burger joint right next to San Francisco State University. They don’t have a big location, but what they do pack is a big menu. They have a good variety of burgers, all with sports related names. I got myself the Alley-oop and it was delicious to say the least. Of course, I had to get it cooked medium-rare. It was handed to me cooked to perfection with a little red in the middle. The fries were also good, but it’s hard to mess up french fries.

image_1 (1)

This place is perfect for college students. I don’t see it going out of business any time soon. I’ve been here multiple times and I’ve never once been disappointed with my burger. Sometimes if I’m feeling like I need to speed up my acquiring of diabeetus. I’ll order a shake, which are even better than In & Outs!

I have no complaints about Hall of Flame especially since it’s so close to my house, but they could use a little more seating. You should get your order to go if you’re in a group any larger than 5 .